Learn About Masonry

Who Are Masons?

Masons are spiritual and moral men who choose to associate with group of like-minded individuals for mutual benefit. What they find in freemasonry is a disciplined and systematic course of self-improvement based on the Golden Rule: always do to others what you would like them to do to you.

What Do Masons Do?

Masonry is first and foremost a fraternity rather than a service organization, social club or benevolent society. However, charity in the form of helping other people, is considered to be a cornerstone of the fraternity.

Masons are encouraged to be actively involved in their communities. Some of the community outreach programs that Brant 45 is actively involved with in particular are as follows:

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • MasoniCh.I.P.

Charity is one of the foundation stones of Masonry, and we believe the greatest life is one in service to others. In fact, every year Ontario Masons support various causes to the tune of half a million dollars…or more.

Why Become A Mason?

Masonry offers the opportunity to make each man better through its teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for centuries, by promoting:

Tradition: when you become a Mason, you become part of ancient tradition that spans centuries. You'll be part of the oldest fraternal brotherhood that focuses on the development of virtuous and morally sound men.

Self Improvement: Masonry is a ancient system of personal development and by participating in the rituals, Masons recognize strong personal growth within themselves.

Fellowship: One of the greatest benefits of Masonry is being surround by other like-minded individuals who are not only committed to making themselves better, but also committed to making the world a better place.

Sense of Accomplishment: Participating in the lodge room, assisting in charitable work or simply enjoying the social aspects of the organization, provides Masons an opportunity expand themselves and experience a sense of growth.

These qualities are summarized in the teachings and principals of Ancient Freemasonry. If these qualities and values match your personal needs, Masonry welcomes you.

How Can I Join?

If you seek answers to any questions you might have, there are a variety of ways for you to contact us by clicking the link below.

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